Figurative Ceramic Sculpture

A Minor Investigation of the Inner Void

The Witness

Celebration in the Cave
(After an Ajanta cave painting detail of the miracle of Sarasvati)

"Floating above the muck"

Dancer Leaping in Supreme Joy

Laughing Friend

When it rains, we dance

Fish Lotus Posture

"Mother Earth"

"Day Trip to the Ocean, Waves Rise and Fall"

"Contra Pasta"

This Life size ceramic figure was built based on the smaller version below, which is now embedded in a large block of sand cast glass. The unfired sculpture was modeled on an armature with a rod sticking out the back, and when dry I held it sightly floating in a box shaped sand mold and had 3 large ladles of molten glass poured around it. The dry clay started popping beneath the molten glass and blowing big glass bubbles which were popped with a blow torch as any little moisture was trying to escape the clay. This was one of the most exciting sand-casting experiments, and one that required a great deal of cold working afterward.
Ice Queen

This was one of my tables in my College studio at CCA, circa 2007

Self Portrait
My First Life size sculpture, 2004

A Drop in the Ocean

"Gaia in Orbit"

"Vulnerability and Strength"
Life Size

"Finding The Ancient Essence"

Inner growth

"The Struggle for an Open Mind"


Panda Man with Aloe

Rainbow Lotus

Be Happy

Interconnected endangering

"Remain Alert"

"I had a feeling I was a cat in a past life"
Sometimes working with clay and a live model, strange things begin to reveal themselves about the sitter's nature.


"Medicine Woman"

Headstand Cunnilingus

"From the heart"

"Opening entirely to life as it is"

"Let us now celebrate exploding stars"
Glazed ceramic