Paint chips


Homeless man asleep

Woman in a cloak

Not everything has to have a reason

Chin Chin's first Halloween house party in America

Wandering the streets




Kundalini Yogini

Foot behind head posture
(Eka Pada Sirsasana)

What are you doing?

Some people understand

accepting reality can be difficult

Spend time doing what you love to do

nobody said it was easy

I wonder

This is a selection of a continuous project involving thick, layered paint chips peeling off of a graffiti wall that gets painted over regularly. I've been collecting pieces of the paint, some as thick as a quarter inch and re-painting the surface with fresh imagery. Some of them start as a palette and pictures loosely emerge from leftover paint, while others are rendered from photographs or drawings. The non-preciousness makes for a good space to freestyle. I exhibit them as clusters, and in every different arrangement, new stories emerge.