Recent Sand Cast Glass

May All Beings Be Happy And Free

Kuan Yin

This Prism head is designed so the face can be seen in an internal reflection from the top.

Clear Laughter

Prism Smile

Imaginary Self Portrait


The Open Heart

These are two of my first experiments using colored glass powder on the back of the piece.
Sometimes the vision for a piece is so clear, yet the process forces a new set of problems to be solved. In this case I was trying to make a hollow figure in the round inside a solid block of glass by making a sand core to pour around. It took about 4 full ladles of glass, and somewhere around the second one, the fluid molten glass broke the arms off the sand core and floated them up to the top of the piece where they blew glass bubbles. In my efforts to roll with it, I ended up sawing off those corners and polishing the sides. This is what emerged.

This one made it through with the arms in the intended expansive posture, yet this piece couldn't be cast in the round because the sand core arms actually broke before the pouring, so the whole figure is slightly embedded in the sand to keep the arms in position.

Inspired by those powerful moments when one feels that there is no separation between the body and the vast expanse of all the space in the universe.