Colored porcelain figure sculpture

My recent work has been an exploration of colored porcelain slips flowing wildly over the surface of stoneware clay bodies.  Here is a small selection of recent pieces.
Flow State

Singing Woman

Colors Of The Wind

Standing Nude

Male Torso Vase

Female Torso Vase

Calm in the Chaos.  

Balancing figure, with maquette.

Man in the sky.

Crouching Woman

Balancing Figure

Cascadia festival portrait.  Live sculpted throughout the festival.

Figure observing bodily sensations with equanimity.

Marbled colored slip cast face sculpture.  Wall hanging.

Figure studies

Rainbow body woman

Figure studies

Custom Portrait Sculpture of Carl Jung.

Porcelain Figure Study

Nude figure sculpture taking the posture of Adam from Michelangelos iconic painting.

Ceramic Head, Bust Inversion Vase
This wall hanging ceramic face has some fascinating moments of fluid behavior frozen solid.  Look closely and you can see the crown like splash patterns recorded in the way the colored slip landed.

Wall Platter Face Sculpture

Leaping Woman 

Figure Studies

Earth Dancer

Artist's Hand