Custom Projects

Lately I've been doing a bit of custom work and it has been quite enjoyable to put my gifts towards projects that I normally wouldn't think to make.  It's a good, healthy challenge.  Here are a few recent pieces I've completed as special requests.  If you enjoy any of the work I do, and would like a custom piece, contact me for details.

 Wall mounted or freestanding portrait sculpture.

 Lord chief justice cat sculpture.

 Ceramic busts, portrait sculpture.

 I made this custom portrait sculpture to use in photographs for the front and back cover of Oliver Franklin's album "When The Moon".  This is one of 50 or so shots I took dropping it into the lake for a splash halo look.  We went with a different image, but I quite like this one too.

 The Undine

maquette sketches below show the options I played with to get the pose of the big one.

 Grandmother portrait teapot

Portrait teapot

 Wicked witch mug

 Robert Pattinson sculpture, specially requested by one of his fans

 Mask of Venus
I made a ceramic version and learned how to drape and press heated sheet plastic onto it to make a clear impression.  Based on the face of Botticelli's "Birth Of Venus"

 An anniversary gift portrait.  He gave me pictures from their wedding day to build this piece for her.

 Anniversary portrait planter

 Copy of an anonymous painting.  If anyone out there recognizes this picture, please let me know who painted the original!

 Large planter portrait

 Screaming Woman

 Seated Buddha