Vipassana Meditator Portraits

 Opening into awareness,  I can feel my attachments unraveling 

All of life is the practice

 Portrait Sculpture of Buddha Siddhartha Gautama (commission)

 I have the strength to deal with anything now


 I feel more like myself

 Things are a little rough right now

A subtle, pleasant sensation is passing through

 May my actions benefit many

 Difficult moments never last forever

 No I, no me, no mine

 War on ignorance


Areas to observe

 My flaws are a valuable teacher 

Still, against such wild variations

These are not images of fully enlightened beings. They are contemporary people working through their struggles and making an effort to understand their minds.  Most of the sculptures here are portraits of my friends who have benefited from meditation.  The process of making them involved sitting together with each person and coming into an authentic and mindful state.  At a random moment in our sitting, I would quietly get up and photograph them as reference to later build the sculpture.  The titles reflect insights each person shared with me in conversations.

Practicing meditation is not always pristine, clear and beautiful.  Part of my intention is to make pieces that reflect the stoic, statuesque stillness and strength that these people maintain while facing different states of being.  Each piece reflects a single moment in a vast flow of constant changes in mind and body. Some moments are challenging, uncomfortable and mucky, some are simple and ordinary while other moments are blissful, expansive, and transcendental.  Regardless of what experience is sculpted into their surfaces, each sitter is making an effort to see clearly that his or her state is impermanent and to accept the moment as it is.  They are training themselves to be able to face any situation with grace and wisdom.