Multiple Exposures

Dancing on Ruins
(the constant celebration of new moments)

The pains of traffic

High Winds

"Danae of Oakland"
After Titian

City Woman


Up in the Air

Venus of the Wires


Locked 1

Locked 2

The Ice Cave Has Melted



Dances at Dusk


Naked Stroboscopic Dancer

Their Roots Have Been Replaced for Roofs

Are we Ancient?

Laughing Sisters

Global Veins

Star Dust

Industrial Landscape

The Joy Of Urban Decay


Handstand Skyscraper

Concrete Factory

Head in the sand

What I Do to the Earth, I Do to Myself

The Wheel Keeps Turning

The Bridge

All Photographs in this section are color film prints made in the darkroom. Some are in-camera double exposures, some are printed from multiple negatives. My intention with these images is to visualize the interconnectedness of all things, especially that of humanity and the earth. Prints are available in 8"x 10", 11"x 14", and 16"x 20"