Funktional Ware

Pot Head

Yin Yang Vase

Unicorn and rider

Buddha cup


"Dancing Bodhisattva"

Joy In Light

Happy Planters

Jug Head

Lover Bottle

Friend Face Vase

Some Face Cups

Slip painted cups

Dessert Bowl

Adrien Jar

Relief Cups

Cookie Jar

Smiling Vase

My ceramics education was focused on sculpture. It was not until after graduating college that I started making anything on the wheel. I was substitute teaching a seniors ceramics class, and the students were mostly interested in throwing on the wheel, and one of them told me that if I was to teach clay, it was essential that I know how to throw. So I began to teach myself so I could help the students who wanted to make pots and not sculpture. I quickly fell in love with the wheel, and generally use my thrown forms as a functional beginning for sculpted and image decorated forms. You may notice they're mostly all smiling. It is my intention to make functional work with and underlying sense of joy and happiness.
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